Four Georgians Elementary School

four georgiansThis Elementary Bond Proposal takes a big step forward to address urgent facility needs in the Helena School District. It’s an exciting time for our community to create a legacy of quality schools for current and future generations of Helena students. If approved by the voters this June 18, 2015, the $70 Million bond will impact every elementary school with improvements in safety, technology and educational adequacy reaching all 3,400 students in grades K-5.

How do elementary students benefit from the bond?
  • Improves all elementary facilities reaching 3400 students
  • Provides safer learning environments in all elementary schools
  • Updates technology at all elementary schools to improve learning opportunities for every student.
  • Keeps kids in a school closer to home and reduces time on the bus.
What does the Bond do in each elementary school?
  • Constructs, improves or renovates every elementary school.
  • Provides security and technology upgrades at all elementary facilities.
  • Upgrades outdated communication systems in all elementary schools and 2 middle schools.
How were the project costs determined?

The bond includes funds to pay the costs of designing, constructing, improving, renovating, equipping, and furnishing schools in accordance with the Helena School District Educational Facility Guidelines.

What is happening at Four Georgians Elementary School


  • Renovate approximately 6300 square feet of existing space and construct additional 3300 square feet of new space
  • Renovation / construction include reclamation of cafeteria space, two new classrooms, encompassing special education/functional life skills area, and a technology lab
  • Playground modification
  • Construction/renovation of a single point entry to include the administrative office to enhance safety and security
  • Includes installation of fire suppression system.
  • Includes access control and video monitoring


  • Building Capacity – 500 Students
  • Projected Student Enrollment – 450+ Students

Estimated Project Cost: $3,000,000

Estimated Completion Date: September 2018