Elementary Work Group – April 9, 2014

April 9, 2014 – 6:00 to 8:00 PM

Meeting Topic: Facilitated Meeting with Cindy Lewis

Location: Ray Bjork Learning Center, 1600 8th Avenue

Meeting Materials:

Meeting Summary

Facilitator Cindy Lewis introduced members of the Board of Trustees and thanked them for taking time to attend the meetings. She warned work group members that the process may seem slow but they need to take time to build a foundation upon which to make recommendations.

The process remains:

  • Every voice is heard.
  • Every voice is listened to;
  • Everyone is treated as an equal;
  • Focus and stay on track.

Meeting framework:

Information and Data:

  • It is critical that members make recommendations from the same knowledge base.
  • Information on notebooks and that will receive at meetings is from experts used in previous groups.
  • If members learn something would like to share, please let the facilitator know what it can be shared.

What is on the table:

  • The work group can only address issues that can be covered by the construction bond.
  • Need to start with the current plan components and make recommendations base on those bullets.


  • The district cannot fiscally or functionally afford the status quo and provide an adequate academic experience for students.


  • How to reconcile building decisions that will have a positive impact on the academic success of students.

Facilitator Lewis indicated that the Board of Trustees would be interested in a transition meeting with the work group to discuss recommendations. More information on that will be coming in the future.

Grounding: What is your relationship to the Purpose and what one thing resonated with you from last week’s meeting?

Task: On one side of the card, write your Worst Possible Outcome if we do not achieve our Purpose and on the other side, what is the Beset Possible Outcome if we achieve our Purpose?

Closing: What did you hear today that helps bring us closer to achieving our purpose?