Elementary Work Group – April 30, 2014

April 30, 2014 – 6:00 to 8:00 PM

Meeting Topic: Facilitated Meeting with Cindy Lewis

Location: Ray Bjork Learning Center, 1600 8th Avenue

Meeting Materials:

Meeting Summary:

Facilitator Cindy Lewis welcomed the work group to its last meeting and recognized the difficulty of the work being asked of the members and that while most felt there was not enough time, others felt it was time to move along.

A summary of the on-line work group poll was distributed and reviewed by the Facilitator. 33 of the 35 members responded but not everyone answered all questions.

Members participated in a “pair share” with a member on each side, answering the question, “What ‘ah-hah’ moment did you have as you looked over the poll results”?

Each member then answered the grounding question:

Thinking about your personal responses to the poll questionnaire, what did you find in the summary that you were pleased to see other members agreed with?

Facilitator Cindy Lewis reviewed the community process of getting voices heard and listening to others; discussed “consensus” with these comments:

  • The majority view may not be your view but you can support the information going forward because it was a fair process, based on data and facts;
  • Not getting the outcome that was your preference does not mean you were not heard;
  • The outcome of the work group is the summary of the groups from the past three meetings as well as the summary of the polls and the desired of everyone to provide something for all students.

Work group members each then talked about their feelings of the process and where the group ended up.

Cindy reminded the group:

  • That the Work Group Website was launched March 19 and was open to everyone. Nearly 600 users accessed the site and there are almost 300 active users of the information. As part of the website, there is a place to ask questions and get answers and a place to sign up for the newsletter.
  • That work is not finished and that it is hoped members will share how the group worked as people in the community are interested.

Work Group Member Jenny Bloomquist summarized the process and how the group and community can move forward.