Elementary Work Group – April 16, 2014

April 16, 2014 – 6:00 to 8:00 PM

Meeting Topic: Facilitated Meeting with Cindy Lewis

Location: C.R. Anderson Middle School, 1200 Knight

Meeting Materials:

Meeting Summary:

Facilitator Cindy Lewis welcomed the work group, Board of Trustees members and thanked observers for attending and sticking with the process though they are not able to be part of the circle and immediate discussions. She reminded the group that there were two meetings left to develop an outcome that would be best for students within the limitations of the operating budget and the bond capacity and one that the community would support. Members continue to want to base recommendations on data and facts yet know that emotions play a role and in times of scarcity and change, no one gets everything they want.

She summarized the previous meeting as follows:

  • Strong support for building a 4-3 school at Jim Darcy;
  • Support for rebuilding other schools to a 4-3 model and consolidating smaller schools, but not on which ones;
  • Support for closing other district buildings to save operating costs and relocating programs;
  • Support for incorporating deferred maintenance and other upgrades to existing buildings that may be rebuilt or renovated to larger schools.


  • The issues of redrawing boundaries has come up several times. Facilitator Lewis reminded the work group that changing boundaries is not on the Purpose list. The Board has indicated that they are well aware of the need for redrawing boundaries once schools are identified for investing and closing, but that is as job for trustees and experts in demographics.
  • The district contacted the consultant who has worked with them on mapping. Mr. Cropper said “The facilities come before detailed redistricting in a best case but don’t close facilities without seeing if boundaries could work conceptually (which has already been done). The redistricting process should begin when a committee has specific parameters/objectives to work with in terms of facility plans. It is a lot of work to consider various boundary options and a committee should be solely focused on boundaries.”

Grounding: Work Group Members were asked to share in insight that they have had since the previous meeting.

Small Groups:

  • Members were asked to reframe recommendations in light of work of previous meetings and information learned and discussed.
  • What schools would you recommend investing in; what schools should be closed; what district buildings should be closed?

Closing: Do you feel ready to move on to the middle school discussion?