Workshop participants consider renovating or rebuilding high schools


Facility Committee Map with circles At the Helena School Board of Trustees Facility Committee workshop Friday morning, a theme of starting the facility process by renovating or rebuilding high schools emerged.

“A lot of the other issues kind of solved themselves once you dealt with the high schools and middle schools,” Tony Perpignano, president of CWG Architects, said.

A group of architects first proposed the workshop to the Facility Committee several weeks ago.

Held Friday morning from 7:30-10:45 a.m., the workshop drew about 75 participants, about half of which were school, county and city officials. Many of the community members who showed up have been involved and vocal throughout the process, but some new faces turned out.

Everyone was divided into four roundtables for discussion, each led by an architect who served as a facilitator. The teams were given two hours to develop proposals and then each group presented.

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