Elementary School Bond June 2015 General Information

After years of study and review by the Board of Trustees, staff and community, the board officially passed an elementary bond at the February 18, 2015 Board of Trustees meeting. This is a significant step in addressing our extensive and most urgent needs of all 3,400 K-5 elementary students. Registered voters will have the opportunity to vote via mail ballot before June 18, 2015 on this proposal. Solving our vast school facility problems will take time and this is an important first step in addressing challenges for students in grades K-12.

Following are a few key points about the projects in the Elementary Bond:

  • Improves all 11 elementary schools
  • Provides enhancements in safety, technology and educational adequacy for all 3,400 students in grades K-5.
  • Provides every elementary student with up-to-date technology to improve student learning. (Technology will also be enhanced for 1500 middle school students with support from the Building Reserve Levy at Helena Middle and C.R. Anderson Middle Schools.)
  • Allows students to remain closer to home and reduces long bus rides.
  • Corrects numerous facility inadequacies so that teachers can better meet the needs of students rather than teaching in a patchwork of classroom spaces, such as basements, remodeled storage areas and modular units located outside the main school building.
  • Provides safety upgrades, such as single point entries and a new district communication system.

Bond Language

Helena Elementary School Map

Helena Elementary School Map